Bsnl Je Exam Preparation Tips

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Bsnl Je Exam Preparation Tips – Recruiting BSNL JE, Associate Engineer (formerly known as TTA) is extremely difficult. To be eligible, you must pass the BSNL entrance exam.

The exam is administered in September each year. However, in recent years, due to the increase in the number of test takers, the number of exams being taken more than once a year is increasing.

So you need to know more.

Candidates must have an appropriate curriculum to pass the competitive exam.

But in this article, I will show you how to prepare for BSNL JE in just 2 months. with the right plan.

Competition is fierce and thousands of applicants from top universities compete for 2,700 positions for this exam.

Bsnl Je Exam Preparation Tips
Bsnl Je Exam Preparation Tips

You must be ranked at the top of the list of meritorious people to prepare and select in advance.

Bsnl Je Exam Preparation And Syllabus

The BSNL JE exam can be divided into three parts. The first are universal opportunities, the second are basic skills, and the third are specializations.

The JE exam lasts 3 hours and has 200 questions and 200 degrees. It is a degree course.

As I said before, you can prepare for the entire exam in just 60 days.

So the first 35 days you have to prepare these three different parts.

Bsnl Je Exam Preparation – General Ability in 5 Days

The first part is generic and can be fixed in just 5 days.

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As you know, the General Skills section contains questions related to English and general knowledge.

Out of 200 points, the total ability score is only 20 points.

That way you don’t have to spend a lot of time on general skills, as you only get 10% of the questions.

They will ask you questions about comprehension, synonyms, and fill in the blanks as they test your basic English.

If you don’t know the answer, leave it because there is a negative point.

Complete your regular dose within 5 days.

Bsnl Je Exam Preparation – Basic Engineering in 15 Days

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The second part is very important because you will be asked a 90-point question. So 45% of the questions are about basic skills.

Here you will be asked questions about each technology area.

These industries can be divided into five categories. Here is one branch.

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Basic Electricity
  • Applied Physics
  • Digital Techniques
  • Electronic Device and Circuit

The questions to be asked follow the training program, not the hardcore skills.

Questions are based on formulas and memory. We need equations, definitions and other important things.

The questions are not as difficult as GATE or other competitive tests.

Practice with the questions in the 5 threads above.

You can prepare the basic skills in 15 days.

Bsnl Je Exam Preparation – Specialization in 15 Days

Like the basic electronics, the major is 90 points, accounting for 45% of the total exam.

Here you will be asked questions about specific topics. Questions are raised on key topics in a variety of disciplines.

You must understand the required topics and prepare for the exam accordingly.

Below is a list of requested topics.

  • Electrical
  • Communication
  • Network, Filters and Transmission Lines
  • Instruments and Measurements
  • Control Systems
  • Microprocessors
  • Computer
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As I said, the question is theoretical rather than numerical.

Problems are knowledge-based, not complex math problems.

So read on every topic and don’t go into detail. You can easily prepare it in 15 days.

Bsnl Je Exam Preparation – Study Material for All 3 Parts

Here we will talk about the textbook in three sections.

For general features, you can refer to the standard general information booklet for the current event. For English, you can use Aggarwal’s book. This book is designed for competitive testing.

I don’t think you need to worry too much about the first episode.

For basic skills, you will need to study math and in the first semester you can use competing books from Arihant, Aggarwal, or general engineering books.

You can also purchase books from Shakti Publications.

In terms of specialization, it is especially recommended that you read all the books you have studied during your engineering career, from the 5th to the 8th semester.

All books on the Internet can be searched in three parts.

Bsnl Je Exam Preparation – Study Material for All 3 Parts – Focusing on Specialization Part Again in 5 Days

Here we want to talk more about specializations because they are very important.

You need to prepare well to score higher on the exam. Prepare simple topics first, then read more difficult topics.

This is the order in which the article should be prepared.

  • Electrical should be the first one.
  • Instrumentation and Measurements is second.
  • Network, Filters and transmission is third.
  • Control system fourth.
  • Finally you can prepare for Microprocessor, communication and computers.

You need to spend 5 more days in the Specialization Department.

Bsnl Je Exam Preparation – Previous Papers and Mock Test Series in Last 10 Days

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Now I have spent almost 40 days reading each chapter.

Over the next 10 days, you must complete all questions from the previous year and pass a serious test conducted by BSNL.

For questions from previous years, you can go to the Internet and download all the documents with solutions.

You should try to solve these problems to get an idea of ​​how the questions will be asked on the exam.

Have been training for at least the last 5-6 years.

You can also practice online before taking the actual exam.

It will help you re-evaluate your readiness.

It can be done in just 10 days.

Entire Revision in Just 10 Days – Bsnl Je Exam Preparation

So you’ve spent 50 days and now the last 10 days are under review.

Purification is very important.

Start exploring with the “Professionalism” section. Read topics such as electricity, microprocessors, telecommunications, networks, filters, transmissions, and more.

For basic skills, read Applied Mathematics and Physics, Electronics and Arithmetic.

Read the theory and solve the problems. Remember all formulas and definitions.

Get ready for the next 2017 JE BSNL exam.

60 days wisely spent.

7 General Tips for BSNL JE Exam Preparation

Here are some general tips to follow when preparing for the BSNL JE exam.

7 General Tips for BSNL JE Exam Preparation
7 General Tips for BSNL JE Exam Preparation
  • The first tip is to always stick to the topic. There is no need to go beyond the scope of this tutorial.
  • Do not go too deep into the topic as the exam tests theoretical knowledge, not comprehension.
  • Work on light topics first, then on difficult topics.
  • Negative ratings can leave you with difficult questions.
  • Always review what you learn.
  • Be sure to review last year’s questionnaires and online practice test series.
  • Always take engineering books seriously.
  • Finally, be safe and don’t worry.

Here’s how to easily apply for a BSNL JE degree in just 60 days.

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