Indian Navy AA Syllabus And Navy SSR AA Syllabus Download in PDF form 2021

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Indian Navy AA Syllabus And Navy SSR AA Syllabus -The notification for the post of Sailor for Artificial Apprentice (AA) & Senior Secondary Recruits has been issued by the Indian Navy (SSR). Unmarried male applicants are invited to request applications. Candidates may apply by visiting the official website online.

The Senior Secondary Recruit (SSR) Artificial Apprentice (AA) Syllabus of the Indian Navy Sailors is given below to go through the subjects to get an idea of the difficult subjects. Then, as per the Indian Navy Sailors SSR, AA Syllabus, candidates should prepare a schedule for your training. Here is the Indian Navy Sailors Syllabus. We provide the subject with a full, wise syllabus here.

Indian Navy AA Syllabus And Navy SSR AA Syllabus
Indian Navy AA Syllabus And Navy SSR AA Syllabus

Indian Navy AA Syllabus And Navy SSR AA Syllabus – Science

  1. Physical Environment and Calculation, Kinematics, Motion Rules, Function, Power and Energy, Particle Motion and Rigid Body/Gravitation.
  2. Strong and Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics of Heat, Oscillations, Waves, Electrostatics, Current Electricity.
  3. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current, Electromagnetic Waves, Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism,
  4. Optics, Matter and Radiation Dual Existence, Atomic Nucleus/ Solid and Semi-Conductor Products, Contact Concepts
  5. Metals and Non-Metals, Organic Chemistry, Food, Nutrition and Health, Computer Science, Physiology and Human Diseases.
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Indian Navy AA Syllabus And Navy SSR AA Syllabus- Mathematics

  • Logarithms, Complex Numbers, Equations of Quadratics, Sequences and Series, Trigonometry, Relations and Functions.
  • Rectangular Coordinates Cartesian System, Straight Lines Family of Straight Lines, Circles Family.
  • Vectors, Exponential and Logarithmic Series, Sets and Set Theory, Statistics, Conic Section, Permutations and Combinations.
  • Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry, Feature of Likelihood, Limits and Continuity, Distinction, Derivative Application
  • Binomial Theorem for Infinite Integrals, Matrices, Determinants, Definite Integrals

Indian Navy AA Syllabus And Navy SSR AA Syllabus – English

  • Passage, Preposition, Phrase correction, Active to passive/ passive to active voice transition.
  • Shift, Verbs/Tense/Non Finite, Punctuation, direct to indirect/indirect to direct.
  • Substituting phrasal verbs, synonyms, and antonyms, interpretations of difficult words, for speech.
  • Usage of the adjective, preposition of the compound, determiners (use of A, the, some, etc.), pronouns

Indian Navy AA Syllabus And Navy SSR AA Syllabus – General Awareness

  • Geography: soil, rivers, mountains, ports, inland harbours, free travel, culture and faith.
    Sports: Championships/ Winners/ Terms/ No Teams, Defense, Current Affairs, Wars and Neighbors.
  • Indian heritage, arts, dance, culture, national languages, birds, animals, songs, flags, monuments, capitals & currencies are significant national information.
  • Popular names, full forms, abbreviations, inventions, diseases and nutrition, eminent figures, awards and authors.
  • Spatial, numerical, reasoning & associational capacity, sequences, unscrambling, coding and decoding of spellings,

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Indian Navy AA Syllabus And Navy SSR AA Syllabus – Physical Fitness

  • It is mandatory for the candidates to pass the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) for selection.
  • In PFT, the candidates will have to complete the running of 1.6km in 7 minutes, 20 sit ups (Uthak Baithak), and 10 Push-ups.
  • Candidates will have to take the PFT at their own risk. 
  • Candidates with proficiency in sports, swimming, and other extracurricular activities will be preferred.
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Indian Navy AA Syllabus And Navy SSR AA Syllabus – Medical Standards

  • The Medical examination will be conducted by authorized military doctors as per medical standard prescribed in current regulations applicable to sailors on entry.
  • The minimum height required will be 157 cms. 
  • The minimum chest expansion should be 5cms.
  • The candidates are required to have a good mental and physical health and are free from any defects, which are likely to interfere with the efficient performance of duties both ashore and afloat under peace as well as war conditions.

Indian Navy AA Syllabus And Navy SSR AA Syllabus – Important Links

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