Top 10 Indian Network Marketing Companies in India

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Indian Network Marketing Companies : An MLM or network marketing company can provide a great opportunity to make the extra revenue right. Regardless of work experience and education, everyone has an equal opportunity to earn money as an MLM marketer.

However, the best thing about working for an MLM company is that you can work part-time and earn passive income without affecting your regular 9-5 job.

There are a lot of misunderstandings about MLM companies around you, but I’m sure you can get rid of it right away after reading this article.

Indian Network Marketing Companies

Top 10 Indian Network Marketing Companies

Let’s get started now and learn more about the real MLM companies currently operating in India. If you are planning to join one of the MLM companies, read the important details presented here and check the official website correctly.

1. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited is a direct sales company founded in Chennai in 2013. Now one of the most popular MLM companies in India.

The company is approved by the Ayush Administration and offers a range of quality products for everyday use.

They offer a variety of health and nutrition products. Go here to learn more about the product.

The company’s current income is over SEK 1,500. You can register with a company and join an extensive network of distributors.

You do not have to pay registration fees to join the MLM network. Go to the registration page and fill out the form.

Filling out the registration form requires you to purchase Rs 1,000 products on the website.

How to Become a Distributor!

Initially, you can add 3-4 people as Distributors with Distributor ID. You can add more later and see how your income increases significantly.

2. Amway India Indian Network Marketing Companies

Amway is one of the oldest MLM companies operating in India. Amway is not an Indian company, but has a strong presence in India with 140 offices and warehouses in 34 cities.

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Amway sells more than 150 products for personal care and health through distributed marketing. Amway is known for its high quality products, especially Nutrilite, the world’s leading nutritional supplement brand.

Go to the Amway MLM network. There is no registration fee.

Sign up as an ABO, fill out the form and send in all necessary documents. After 24 hours, a new ID will be generated.

You can ask your friends to start selling products and join the network. You have a great chance to become a business man and earn between 6% and 21% of your business volume depending on your monthly turnover.

3. Herballife Indian Network Marketing Companies

After Amway, Herbalife is the second best American MLM company operating in India. The company offers the best herbal and fruit nutritional supplements.

All Herbalife products are sold by our partners and cannot be purchased at regular stores.

Make money by selling Herbalife products to someone, or sponsor someone who sells Herbalife products. But you can’t make money just by hiring or sponsoring someone.

To join Herbalife MLM, you will need to pay an initial $60 set of membership.

You can join Herbalife and become a partner to receive a minimum 25% discount on all purchases. You then sell these products to others at retail prices. How to make money.

4. Forever Living Indian Network Marketing Companies

Forever Living is another US-based MLM company known for its unique Aloe Vera products.

You can find the best products here!

Forever Living’s MLM plan is very simple. All you need to do is join an Ever Business Owner (FBO) to buy products at wholesale prices, sell them to friends at retail prices and earn up to 43% commission.

As a bonus, you get a group volume bonus of up to 13% for each team member below, and for leader bonuses, you get between 2% and 6% depending on your organization’s situation.

But you not only get paid by hiring people, but you earn when someone sells your product.

You can register as an FBO here! There are no entrance fees or other fees.

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5. Modicare Indian Network Marketing Companies

Founded by Samir Modi, Modicare is one of the fastest growing Indian MLM companies in India.

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We offer a wide range of products in categories such as health, skin care, personal care, home health care and more.

What sets Modicare apart from other MLM companies is its unique business plan, also known as the Azadi plan.

Modicare consultants can buy goods 20 to 25% cheaper, make 25% profit to others and sell them for huge profits. Consultants with high sales volume receive a bonus on the sale of electricity from 5% to 20% depending on BV (business volume).

You earn commissions based on the level of your organization.

They also receive a cumulative performance bonus of 7 to 22%. Other bonuses: manager bonus-14%, leadership performance bonus-15%.

6. RCM Indian Network Marketing Companies

RCM is one of the largest direct sales companies in India and has more than 10 million direct sales partners nationwide.

Unlike Amway or Herbalife, RCM’s main products are food, cosmetics and clothing. It offers over 750 different types of products. Visit our product catalog here!

By becoming a direct seller, you can start marketing RCM products and get rewarded for purchases made by you and the people in your group.

You can buy items at a 15% discount and sell them at a higher MRP for a 15% to 20% profit. Also, if someone in the group bought it, you get 10 to 32%.

There are also various categories of bonuses such as performance bonuses, loyalty bonuses and skill bonuses. Depending on the size of the company (BV), they receive a commission of 5 to 32%.

7. Vestige Indian Network Marketing Companies

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd, a direct selling company, opened in 2004 and offers high-quality products for health and personal care.

The company has more than 2000 online and offline stores with 650 offices across India.

Vestige offers a wide range of products from health supplements to air fresheners and products for personal care. You can download the product catalog here.

First you register as a Vestige distributor and start marketing your products to people.

You can earn money in the form of not only selling products to others, but also leadership bonuses, income from funds, and performance to subordinates.

Business plan provided by Vestige

10%-20% reduction in consumption

5%-20% as a cumulative bonus on the result

14% as a moving bonus

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15% leadership bonus

So make money by using your product and sharing it with others.

8. OriFlame Indian Network Marketing Companies

Swedish cosmetics company Oriflame has a great presence in India. OriFlame primarily provides cosmetics and skin care products. Check out all our products and brands here!

However, OriFlame isn’t the only MLM company like RCM or Herbalife. People can buy products directly from the website and do not need to purchase products directly from the seller.

You can register as a consultant with OriFlame and start selling products on your behalf. When you register as a VIP customer, you can purchase items with a 20-40% discount and sell them to customers with high MRP.

You can benefit directly with business class benefits. They also receive PD (Performance Decrease) when they reach a certain sales level.

9. Avon Indian Network Marketing Companies

Unlike OriFlame, Avon is the world’s largest retailer of beauty products. They are found in over 70 countries and have been in India for 20 years.

Avon offers beauty and skin care products primarily aimed at women. You can register here to become an Avon Representative.

Avon reps can buy best-in-class products with discounts of up to (15%) 30%, sell them to friends and earn more than 50% commission

You can build a team and get more commissions for group sales. You earn commissions based on the size and location of your team in your organization.

On average, Avon’s representative of India earns between Rs 20,000 and 3,000,000 per month.

10. Future Maker Indian Network Marketing Companies

Hisar, Haryana is a Future Maker Life Care Pvt. Limited is one of India’s fastest growing direct selling companies. The company was founded very recently in 2015 and has grown exponentially since then.

Future Maker provides medical, personal care and home care products. Browse our product catalog here.

Direct sellers now allow you to become direct sellers of the future. There is no registration fee and no need to purchase promotional materials.

According to the business plan, direct sellers have to decide which MRP to charge their customers. So, you buy Future Maker products at a significantly discounted price and sell them to your customers at a higher price.

They also receive a monthly loyalty bonus and weekly bag bonus based on BV (business volume).

We also offer incentives based on the number of sales per month.

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