Instagram Masterclass Instagram Marketing 2022 Udemy Free Courses

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Instagram Masterclass Instagram Marketing 2022 Udemy Free Courses – Discover tried, tested & result-driven Instagram Marketing strategies for ensuring Instagram growth.

Instagram Masterclass Instagram Marketing 2022 Udemy Free Courses
Instagram Masterclass Instagram Marketing 2022 Udemy Free Courses

Instagram Masterclass Instagram Marketing 2022 Udemy Free Courses Details


  • Instagram mobile (smartphone/tablet) app to implement the learnings
  • Access to Instagram business account
  • Stable internet connection
  • Inclination to learn Instagram Marketing
  • No prior Instagram Marketing knowledge required


With over a billion monthly users, Instagram is the sixth most used app in the world today.

In fact, surveys have shown that over 81% of people use Instagram to help research products and services.

When launched, Instagram was simply a photo-sharing and social networking application. Now, it has evolved into a platform where you can share images, videos, short and long-form of video content, and even written guides. Hence, it has become a medium through which businesses, brands, and influencers can find and connect with their target audience effectively.

From sharing funny memes and short 10 second videos to sharing detailed guides and long one-hour videos, Instagram makes it possible for you to do all that and more.

This is why using Instagram Marketing for products and services has become extremely important if you want to upscale your business.

Why use Instagram Marketing?

A major difference between Instagram and other social media platforms is that Instagram is a visual platform. This means that even though you can add text, the app itself gives preference to photos and videos.

It has been proven that viewers retain up to 95% more information while watching a video as compared to just 10% while reading something.

As a result of this, top and local brands in the world are now using Instagram Marketing. With Instagram Marketing, they have the opportunity to be as creative as they want and promote their products or services through visually compelling and eye-catching graphics. And in turn, are able to drive a considerable amount of sales towards their businesses.

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Not using the features available on Instagram would result in you missing out on what the app has to offer.

What is this Instagram Marketing Masterclass about?

This Instagram Marketing Masterclass is divided into 5 lectures with each lecture focusing on important aspects that will contribute to Instagram Growth.

Understand how Instagram Algorithm works:

Why do some posts from some brands show up more than others? How does Instagram decide which content you like to consume? To answer these questions and more, understanding how the Instagram Algorithm works is extremely important. In this lecture, the trainer will explain how the Instagram Algorithm has evolved over the years and the parameters it takes into consideration now to rank content.

Types of Instagram Accounts

In this lecture, the trainer explains how Instagram has grown in recent years and why it has become so important for every brand in the world. Along with an overview of all the topics covered in the upcoming lectures, you will also be introduced to Instagram basics like setting up your profile.

Decide your Content-Type:

Even though Instagram is a highly visual platform, there are some industries for which long-form written content can get long-lasting results. The content type you choose will depend on other variables also including the purpose, objective, and much more. This lecture on content types explains all these things and more.

Content ideation

Whether you’re a Blogger, Instagram Influencer or a brand running Instagram ads, there are chances you post content under a certain topic or category. These categories are called niches. Once you’ve identified your niche, you can focus your efforts on creating content. To create quality content it’s important to understand the content formats available on each platform and align your content with the said formats. Once you understand the content alignment you need to figure out which content format works best for your brand/business and stick to content in that particular field.

In this lecture, the trainer explains how you can indentify your niche, figure out content alignment and content formats which will work best for your Instagram page

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Creating Effective Brand Strategy

An effective strategy will help you build a strong brand. You need the right strategy to create a connection with your audience because if they can’t connect with you or your brand you might end up losing your followers. This lecture will explain all about building a flawless brand strategy.

Instagram Growth Hacks

It’s not only important to create good content in the right formats but you also need to apply the right tactics for your content’s maximum reach to the audience. In this lecture, the trainer helps you with hacks to ensure that your content is reaching out to more number of people.

Instagram Analytics

Instagram Analytics helps you understand the performance of your posts and accounts overall and you can use this information for creating content strategy and marketing campaigns. It also helps you understand who’s your audience, when they’re active and what kind of content do they engage in. This lecture is all about that.

Following the steps mentioned in this masterclass will help you create a great profile for your business/brand on Instagram. It will also help you in understanding what to post, when to post and how to post it on the platform for optimized results.

Who should watch this Masterclass?

This masterclass is perfect for people who want to leverage the power of social media marketing through Instagram. Even if you are an absolute beginner, you have nothing to worry about. This free masterclass covers all the basics of not only setting up but also optimizing your Instagram profile for success. Here’s who can benefit from this Instagram Marketing masterclass:

  • Students
  • Business Owners
  • Startup Founders
  • Working Professionals
  • Anyone who’s interested in learning more about Instagram

You will also get:

-Fast and Friendly Support in the Q&A section

-Certification of Completion from the Indian Institute of Digital Education.

About the Trainer:

Aditya Shastri is a Content Developer, Marketing Expert, and Head of Learning & Development at IIDE.

Being a skilled content strategist and Instagram marketer, he has an in-depth knowledge of today’s Social Media scenario and how you can use it in the best possible way. He has been a part of the corporate training team for companies like Publicis WorldWide, Godrej Professionals etc. while also being associated with leading Digital Marketing Agencies like Kinnect, Schbang, Foxymoron, and more.

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His cheerful demeanor combined with the ease with which he can simplify the most complicated subjects make him the ideal trainer to learn Instagram Marketing from.

So don’t forget to have a pen and notepad to take down all the valuable insights you will receive in this Masterclass.

Who this course is for:

  • Students or Working Professionals
  • Business Owners or Startup Founders
  • Instagram content creators
  • Anyone looking to use Instagram to earn profits
  • Anyone looking to become an Instagram Influencer
  • Social media marketing beginners
  • Instagram marketing enthusiasts
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to calculate ROI for their Instagram Marketing
  • Anyone looking to reduce and optimize their marketing costs on Social Media

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