Best Online Jobs In Kerala Without Investment – Earn Rs 25000 Per Month

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Online Jobs In Kerala – The cost of living in Chennai and Kerala is undoubtedly rising. Unlike other parts of India, residents of Chennai and Kerala cannot find high-paying jobs.

As a result, people are migrating from Chennai to Bangalore, known as an information technology center and manufacturing base for several Indian conglomerates.

At the same time, people are migrating from the state of Kerala to other parts of India and further to countries in the Gulf. This scenario exists despite the high literacy rates in Chennai and Kerala.

Lack of knowledge of Hindi in this field may prevent you from finding a job elsewhere, but you can use it to your advantage.


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Why you should get a job online in Chennai and Kerala ?

Online Jobs In Kerala
Online Jobs In Kerala

With the advent of the Internet and software development, Chennai and Kerala people can easily find jobs on the Internet. With their help, you can earn additional income.

You can also work full-time online and earn a decent income. However, the question of almost everyone who applies for jobs online in Chennai and Kerala is confused as to what is right for them or where to find such jobs.

Here we provide clear calculators for best online work in Chennai and Kerala. You can choose the one that best suits your abilities.

In Basic Qualifications for Online Employment in Kerala and Chennai

Some basic skills are required to get the best online jobs in Chennai and Kerala. These include:

  • Good computer skills and standard software like Microsoft Office.
  • High level of internet knowledge.
  • Read, write and speak fluent Tamil or Malayalam depending on your location.
  • Fluent English and Hindi.
  • Feelings or enthusiasm for using social media including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Recommended Online Jobs in Kerala and Chennai

Our research shows that some online jobs are in high demand in Chennai and Kerala. Depending on your skills, you can apply through reputable job portals.

Income shown here is for reference only. You may earn less or more than we state. It depends on your online working hours and skills.

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Data entry 15,000 rupees Per Month – Online Jobs in Kerala and Chennai

Companies and educational institutions across India are requiring forms to be completed online and in English. However, not all Chennai or Kerala residents speak the world’s fourth most widely spoken language.

data entry Online Jobs in Kerala and Chennai
data entry Online Jobs in Kerala and Chennai

If you have a basic knowledge of English and are fluent in your native language, you may want to consider online data entry jobs in Chennai and Kerala.

Here you need to translate simple data such as names and addresses, education and work experience you see in Tamil or Malayalam. The online form must be completed and submitted in English.

Online surveys Rs 12000 + per month – Online Jobs in Kerala and Chennai

Until a few years ago, online survey activity in India was limited. However, with hundreds of foreign companies entering the market and increasing consumerism, the demand for online surveys has increased in India.

This is evident in the fact that several large online survey companies in the US and Europe are now attracting Indian respondents.

The company pays in US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros. Participating in these online surveys at current exchange rates can make you a significant amount of money.

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Online Medical Transcriptions Rs 25000 + per month – Online Jobs in Kerala and Chennai

Prescribing medical care is a good online job for Chennai and Kerala residents. However, entering this profession requires some basic knowledge of medicine and diagnostics.

Online medical records include listening to doctor recordings during conversations with patients, or simply reading and summarizing medical reports.

You can work as a medical transcriber at home or in the office of the agency that provides this service.

Online Translations Rs 25000 + per month – Online Jobs in Kerala and Chennai

With the growing number of Indian and foreign companies targeting India, the demand for online English translation into local languages ​​is high.

Tamil, Chennai Lingua Franca and Kerala Malayalam are languages ​​spoken by a minority in India. Online translations are commonly used for a variety of other purposes, such as business communications, legal documents, and advertising.

The demand for online translation is high when India’s huge film industry, especially Tamil Nadu and Kerala’s films, is popular across the country.

Social media marketing Rs 20000 + per month – Online Jobs in Kerala and Chennai

You can cash-in on the digital marketing boom by doing home-based social media marketing for any reputed company.

There is a huge demand for people who can do online social media marketing via platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp in Tamil and Malayalam languages.

As social media marketer, you will have to promote products and services of companies through their

Facebook pages, provide updates to customers using Twitter and WhatsApp as well as listen to customer grievances in your native language. The feedback is sent to your Indian or foreign employer.

Online store Rs 20000 + per month – Online Jobs in Kerala and Chennai

In southern India, the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala have huge diasporas living in different parts of India and other countries of the world. Additionally, millions of Keralas work and live in six Gulf countries.

A significant number of Tamil and Kerala communities live in Malaysia, Singapore and neighboring Sri Lanka. Stores in India and other countries offer a wide range of products for these communities, but are regionally independent.

This means that such products are mass-produced, but do not meet specific tastes and requirements. You can open an online store offering these products to Indian and international buyers.

As long as you can get these products directly from the manufacturer, this is a very lucrative business.

Content writing Rs 20000 + per month – Online Jobs in Kerala and Chennai

Online Jobs in Kerala and Chennai
Content writing – Online Jobs in Kerala and Chennai

Almost all websites require content or descriptions for a specific region. Content such as product and service blogs and press releases is an integral part of an ever-growing digital marketing business.

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Unfortunately, most of the content available on the Internet is in the major languages ​​of the world, including English. Some blogs and websites also have Hindi content.

Despite the high literacy rate, there are few websites that offer content in Tamil and Malayalam. Writing content in these languages ​​is a good job online in Chennai and Kerala.

Online news reporting Rs 15 000 + per month – Online Jobs in Kerala and Chennai

With a little writing skills and a good knowledge of English, you can become an online news correspondent for major Indian newspapers or TV channels.

To do this online job in Chennai and Kerala, you need to have a good network network to keep you up to date with the latest news and prospects.

For Keralabor, this job is particularly lucrative. Because coverage of the state’s villages and rural areas continues to lag behind the national media.]

Micro Tasking Rs 10000 + per month – Online Jobs in Kerala and Chennai

In general, microtasks can be characterized as simple tasks. You will receive information such as advertisements, forms and publications.

Check for errors and make any necessary corrections. This is a good online post by Chennai and Kerala.

Especially for companies looking for someone they can trust to do these trivial tasks in Tamil and Malayalam.

Entering the online microdata industry, which shows great potential in India, requires good grammar skills in your native language.

Online consulting Rs 10000 + per month – Online Jobs in Kerala and Chennai

Online consulting is a career suitable for almost anyone who understands a particular field, such as marketing, technology, manufacturing, design, or fashion.

Depending on your specific experience, you may be able to provide services as an online consultant in Chennai and Kerala.

With the growing number of investors looking to enter Tamil Nadu and Kerala, there is no shortage of customers if you actively market your services online, especially through free social media platforms.

Last word

It is clear from the above facts that you can find the best online jobs in Chennai and Kerala. The pay scale we’re talking about is just an indicator of how much you can earn with your skills.

They do not represent wages, salaries, awards, incentives or other forms or salaries.

Again, it’s good to know your skills before doing anything on the internet. Mastering these skills will give you the best online jobs in Kerala and Chennai.


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