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Premed Reddit – The internet can be a useful resource, but it’s filled with a variety of forums and websites with stressed professionals and medical students sometimes offering vague advice. Premed Reddit is a good example of this.

When I was in college and in medical school, I tried to limit the frequency of links to these online forums, but sometimes I still visited. A lot of people will be able to understand how concerned I was with the content of this website. From users posting statistics and activities to others craving scary school-related situations.

At one point, when I was hoping to get a phone call from school, I kept going to one of the forums and updated it repeatedly to see what the latest updates were. I was in a terrible mood and that day I couldn’t concentrate on anything. This created a lot of unnecessary stress. Anyway everything would have been the same.

This does not mean that the Internet is not a useful resource and provides very valuable information, but I think you should use it sparingly, especially with regards to medical forums. My advice:

Premed Reddit
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Premed Reddit – Don’t

Don’t feel the need to engage with websites that make you anxious or unhappy

I know I have to keep up with everyone and read what people do so I don’t miss anything important. However, there are many more reliable resources that can give you advice on how to apply for medical school or apply, such as a counselor, teacher or friend who attends medical school. They are kinder and more realistic when it comes to advice.

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You can use the resources that are right for you and avoid stressful or detrimental environments.

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Premed RedditDo

Utilize the Internet for helpful resources, and know the difference between what is helpful and what is not

There are definitely some useful resources out there; for instance, I sometimes referenced the forums to get some information about specific schools and their applications. As long as you know the difference between what truly helps you and what just stresses you out, it’s possible to benefit from these online resources.  

Premed Reddit

Be mindful of the time you spend online in general

That’s what I personally tried to do. The time I spend in front of the screen usually distracts me or makes me feel bad. Setting a screen date keeps you aware of what’s actually happening around you and keeps you in perspective. Perspectives can be particularly important when it comes to scandalous experiences that doctors and medical students face.

premed reddit

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