Unpacking the Internet of Things (IoT) | Udemy Free Courses With Certificate

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Unpacking the Internet of Things (IoT) | Udemy Free Courses With Certificate – PTC IoT Series, Microcourse #1

Udemy Free Courses
Udemy Free Courses


Unpacking the Internet of Things (IoT) | Udemy Free Courses With Certificate Details

This is the first course in the PTC IoT Series. It focuses on unpacking the Internet of Things by describing the fundamental changes that are taking place at a product level; namely how things are becoming smart and connected.

The course is designed to be completed within 3-4 hours. We include academic research, business case studies, and incorporate eLearning best practices in order to provide you with an engaging and worthwhile learning experience.

If you want to familiarize yourself with the Internet of Things industry and understand how this industry is impacting technology innovation and business strategy, this course is for you.

Who this course is for:

  • This IoT course is designed for people who want to get a sense of how product innovation is changing in the Internet of Things industry
  • This course is especially pertinent for people associated with business, leadership, design, product development, manufacturing, and computer science

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